Our focus in the last-mile delivery and mobility industries defines our professional culture. We implement technologies that help companies to generate more revenue or spend less money. It’s the main principle that we follow before getting into any other project.
#Electronics & IT

Power Controller

In-house power controllers (circuit design and firmware) are capable of driving vehicles weighing from a couple of kgs to tens of tons. 

  • 36-600 Volt. 
  • up to 300A, 
  • up to 25 kW. 

Typically, the technology applied in scooters, bicycles, robots, and cars. Sensor-based and sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) modes are applied into technology. Ability to work with a reduction of a field. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) and Sine. CAN, UART, Encoder. Recuperation, protection from current and voltage. Combined multiple controllers via CAN. Temperature sensors of controller and motor. Management of speed, current, power, etc. according to the Statement of Work (SoW).

#Electronics & IT

Sharing platform for scooters and cars

At this time, our client operates simultaneously up to 2000 devices using our in-house robust sharing platform. The system consists of two modules: company management module with device monitoring and a user interface. The platform administrator receives data from devices and can communicate with the customer in real time mode.

#Electronics & IT

Messenger sharing system

User interface solution for the classic sharing system based on chat-bot in Telegram messenger. We’ve been working actively to adapt it to other popular messengers. The whole process from registration to the rent of the vehicle is conducted in chat mode with the chat-bot. The use-case was tested for courier delivery and order management system with a courier hiring/management company «Birdie».

#Electronics & IT

Network Management System for Car Electric Stations

Manufacturers of electric stations provided only equipment and API. Charging process requires an interface for both the network owner and the client. A comprehensive OEM IT platform was developed for managing a network of refueling stations: Back-end, App, Billing system, Web and Mobile. It’s possible for any manufacturer to be connected to the station system. 

The system was put into operation.

#Electronics & IT

Autopilot system for a classic car

A comprehensive vehicle traffic control system based on data from cameras, lidars, and other sensors. In this case, the methods of machine learning are applied for object recognition. The motion control algorithm for cars is based on mathematical models that take into account the dynamics of the car, friction, inertia, and other parameters. The non-linear model of motion prediction allows generating optimal control commands for cars.

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