Our focus in the last-mile delivery and mobility industries defines our professional culture. We implement technologies that help companies to generate more revenue or spend less money. It’s the main principle that we follow before getting into any other project.

Electric cargo tricycle (Delivery & Business)

We conducted an advanced market analysis along with the concepts, structure, and design for an electric bike. The vehicle ideally suited for delivery purposes: loads up to 60kg (130lbs), placed products don’t flip over in the cargo compartment, the vehicle is stable during the winter conditions. 

The model has been in production for 3 years. The mileage of the first 30 bikes achieved 80,000 km. (all bicycles are still operating). Components are unified for the bicycle range. Backward compatibility with previously released models. Local frame production (even within garage facility), local assembly. Wholesale terms of supply of hundreds of bikes are achievable within a couple of months.


Electric cargo bicycle (Delivery & Business)

The most reliable model of two-wheel electric bicycle on the market. The lifespan exceeds 70,000 km. Maintenance period is 15,000 km (brakes pads, and tires). Rapid and simple maintenance. Components are available worldwide.


Hydrogen powered tricycle

Adaptation and integration of BMPower hydrogen fuel cell based energy systems for application in tricycles. The idea showed unprecedented efficiency in operations. The installation allowed us to accumulate more energy compared to rechargeable batteries and to increase the autonomous run of the electric trike up to 700 km! There is no need to look up “dead” vehicles and charge them (for at least a week) — enormous savings for e-bikes/e-scooter sharing models!

#Electronics & IT

Network Management System for Car Electric Stations

Manufacturers of electric stations provided only equipment and API. Charging process requires an interface for both the network owner and the client. A comprehensive OEM IT platform was developed for managing a network of refueling stations: Back-end, App, Billing system, Web and Mobile. It’s possible for any manufacturer to be connected to the station system. 

The system was put into operation.


Scooter development. VR presentation

For the Intermot exhibition in Cologne, the Chinese scooter manufacturer Horwin commissioned the development and demonstration of a new scooter model («Concept Car»). As there were only 40 days until the beginning of the exhibition, we decided to present the product in a Virtual Reality (VR) format. Using our engineering «know-how», our team prepared it in the form of HTC Virtual Environment.

#Electronics & IT

Autopilot system for a classic car

A comprehensive vehicle traffic control system based on data from cameras, lidars, and other sensors. In this case, the methods of machine learning are applied for object recognition. The motion control algorithm for cars is based on mathematical models that take into account the dynamics of the car, friction, inertia, and other parameters. The non-linear model of motion prediction allows generating optimal control commands for cars.


Ultra-light scooter

A unique suspension system made from composite materials, computer simulations of operating modes, industrial design, electronics, and a rental station. The scooter satisfies all conditions for effective application in sharing systems.


Robotic (Autopilot) Loading Platform

A motor controller and synchronization algorithm for Mecanum Wheels (Omni Wheel). Power controllers and algorithms are designed to provide an autonomous movement of a vehicle on a given route. A communication module and API for interaction with warehouse management systems (WMS). There is a prototype to demonstrate how the controller operates. The client plans to design the mechanical section by himself.


Modular Crawler Platform

Task: to develop an electric drive crawler for multi-purpose usage in personal transport and robotic systems. The construction was designed and a set of BMS motor controllers is restructured for the consumer version. We used a proprietary developed controller for autonomous transportation in the robotic 2-x crawler systems. The first modification is available on retail sale.


Electric Bike Conversion Kit for Strida

Strida is the lightest vehicle with pedals. It hard to add the electric motor due to unusual body construction. We provided a quick-mounting transmission-motor-controller-battery kit for the case. The external attachable parts don’t interfere with the “folding system” of the bike.


Autonomous Disinfection Platform

Adapted tested chassis of a serial electric tricycle for a disinfection platform with the option of autonomous following. The capacity is up to 300 kilograms (up to 300 liters. The operator is capable of perform continuous sanitation. Productivity is 3 times more with one operator and 3 times cheaper than in the «driver + auto + operator» scenario..


Electric bike conversion kit

The customer can purchase basically any bicycle at the store, install our electronic kit and turn it into an uncompromising electric bike. We were lucky to  provide you with an attractive shell design where we placed a controller and battery. It even makes the appearance pretty according to our humble opinion.

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