Our focus in the last-mile delivery and mobility industries defines our professional culture. We implement technologies that help companies to generate more revenue or spend less money. It’s the main principle that we follow before getting into any other project.

Patrol Robot

For the existing model of patrol robot we created electric power controllers for motors and API for the wheels management of upper-level systems. Given the shortest terms (2 months) we came up with a concept of an external layout and industrial design solution.


Robotic order fulfillment system (good-to-person)

Unique value proposition: to design the automatic fulfillment system for nano-warehouses for order processing of last-mile delivery supply chain. A worker is capable of “pick-and-pack” hundreds of orders per shift with help. The “robotic rack” increases storage capacity by 30%. The system is customizable under business purposes along with seamless integration to the process. 


Robotic (Autopilot) Loading Platform

A motor controller and synchronization algorithm for Mecanum Wheels (Omni Wheel). Power controllers and algorithms are designed to provide an autonomous movement of a vehicle on a given route. A communication module and API for interaction with warehouse management systems (WMS). There is a prototype to demonstrate how the controller operates. The client plans to design the mechanical section by himself.


Humanoid for Robots City Amsterdam

The company Robots City Amsterdam integrates robots into the hospitality and events sectors. Robots on the market don’t meet the requirements regarding reliability, cost, and aesthetics for our client. Based on the given statement of work, we designed the humanoid’s structure, software, and API. We achieved low cost, reliability, and ease of maintenance.


Robotic Manipulator Arm

Cheap and accessible robot manipulators are required for a wide range of projects unrelated to manufacturing and business processes like advertising and marketing installations. To demonstrate the capabilities of the Zhiyun Steadicam stabilizer, the Robot2b team was commissioned to develop a robot that imitates the movement of a human being. 


  • Non-stop operation work for at least 10 hours/day;
  • Loads of up to 3kg (8lb); 
  • Timeline  — 1.5 months. 
  • Power and auxiliary boards of our own design were used for BLDC motors. 

Currently, the project is under a protocol.


Motion Control System for Shooting Video with DSLR Cameras

A portable rapid deployment system for automating camera movement.

Robotic control of camera movement, filming direction, focus, and zoom. The system enables professional cinematographic effects using consumer DSLR cameras.


Automated Wrapping Machines

Operators of luggage wrapping machines at the airport used to accept payments in cash. This way the owner was unable to monitor the number of transactions. We’ve developed a new machine to automate the counting of operations and payment acceptance: replaced the motors and electronics; embedded scales with the touch screen along with other automation elements. Wrappers were connected to the Cloud and moved over to the card payment system. Hundreds of devices set up in airports.

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